National Women’s Shelter Network: Why now?

NWSN comes together as a powerful national network of homeless shelters for women in an attempt to elevate the voices of women who have experienced life on the streets. We aim to build relationships among shelters, share all research, practice and innovation, and reach solutions to prevent and end homelessness.

But, why now? 

In recent years, homelessness has become normative in our country –– only in the US, an estimated 1.129.307 women and 2.5 million children experience life without a roof over their heads every year. Yet it was not always so and it does not always need to be so.

NWSN will focus all efforts on strengthening a debilitated last resort for women and children experiencing homelessness: shelters. These safe havens, deluged by a seemingly endless stream of women and children in need, face substanstial obstacles to keep the lights on and put food on the table. Shortages, space limitations, poor living conditions, and lack of resources are among the countless challenges that US shelters serving women and children are forced to come up against.

NWSN is here to change that narrative, at a time in humanity’s story when the female population finally has our eyes and ears. Women are the water bearers of the future, bringing and nurturing one generation after another –– and yet they are the least regarded when it comes to equality. There is an urgent need to make things right, to find solutions, and for that we must come together and unite our strength, our talents, our wisdom. 

Join us in this momentous cause. Join us in our efforts to prevent and end homelessness as we create a window of opportunity for the most vulnerable in our country. Together we are stronger.

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