NWSN Inaugural Conference Fall 2023

The National Women’s Shelter Network will soon be taking a great stride forward as we team together to elevate the voices of women and children with lived homeless experience in our country. In September of 2023, we will be holding the NWSN Inaugural Conference ——to bring shelters together as guests participate in workshops, panel presentations, and even site visits at the Lotus Village, in addition to other social activities that will strengthen our community bond. 

Sponsored by NWSN and the Lotus House Women’s Shelter, the Inaugural Conference will be held in Miami, Florida from the 5th to the 7th of September, 2023. Guests will arrive on Tuesday evening for a welcome reception with refreshments and a light dinner. Wednesday and Thursday mornings will kick off with breakfast and the opening keynote, followed by a workshop session, lunch, and another workshop session. In the evenings, we will host a Miami Beach happy hour, as well as a dinner for further socializing.

After nearly a year traveling across the nation visiting different women’s shelters and discussing with leaders in our field, the NWSN has gathered significant information on priority topics that will be addressed in the upcoming conference: development of programs in food, education, employment, health equity, and post-exit stabilization; improvement of strategy and fundraising; creation of a trauma-informed environment; and much more. The NWSN Inaugural Conference will be pivotal as we focus on solutions for women and children experiencing homelessness.  

For the full NWSN Conference brochure, click here.

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