Boston Joins with House America to Combat Homelessness

Boston joins a national push to provide housing and support to the vulnerable homeless population in the community.

On Wednesday, Mayor Kim Janey’s Office announced the city’s participation in the House America program, a federal response to the ongoing crisis of housing insecurity which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative provides cities with funding from a $5 billion grant from the American Rescue Plan that aims to reduce homelessness. 
As part of Boston’s participation in House America, the city has committed to rehouse 1,100 local households and create 650 housing units for the local homeless population between now and December 2022. Additionally, many of the housing recipients will be paired with services to help them stay consistently housed.
In a press conference, Janey said, “It is crucial that we ensure that residents of Boston have safe, stable housing especially during this time of global pandemic. This support from the federal government builds on the progress Boston is already making with our Housing Stability Agenda, making sure our most vulnerable residents are protected.” 
There are other Initiatives taking place in Boston to help homeless population. The Housing Stability Agenda, which created a citywide moratorium and plans for a Foreclosure Prevention Fund, and has managed, since 2019, to house more than 156 between the ages of 18 and 24 with its Rising to the Challenge program. Boston’s Way Home aims to end chronic and veteran homelessness, and its plan has changed the way city agencies and community partners respond to homelessness.


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