3 Little Known Facts About Women and Homelessness

We all know that women experiencing homelessness are more likely to become dependent on drugs and alcohol, that they are one of the fastest growing demographics reporting homelessness, and that they are disproportionately victims of violence. Some of the other data on them is less obvious, but just as significant. Here are some of those facts:

  1. Women experiencing homelessness in their mid-fifties are of the same physiological age as housed women in their seventies.
  2. The US has the largest number of homeless women of all industrialized nations. 
  3. We currently have the highest number of homeless women since the Great Depression.

Beyond being an unfortunate circumstance, we need to recognize as a nation that it is our job to protect women from danger and death, and that we clearly have not done enough yet. When we leave women in the streets, we sentence them to drastically shorter lives. The work we do as shelters can change that. By giving safety, dignity, and community, we move one step closer to becoming a country we can all be proud of.

Source: https://www.projectrenewal.org/blog/2014/3/13/12-must-know-facts-about-women-and-homelessness

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